The 2016 Brazilian International Labour Film Festival
Mostra CineTrabalho

Monday 02 – Friday 06 May 2016
Espaço Cultural Casa do Lago
University of Campinas – UNICAMP
Campinas, São Paulo, Brazil

Monday 23 – Thursday 26 May 2016
Faculty of Philosophy and Science
Sao Paulo State University (UNESP)
Marília, São Paulo, Brazil


2016 Films


Filmmakers: Benedito Maia and Carlos Machado
Brazil, 2015, Documentary, 21 minutes

MONDAY, May 02 | 16.20

Through testimonies of workers, the documentary Electrician Stunt reveals what is behind the outsourcing process in the Brazilian electric sector.


Filmmaker: Fernando Gonzáles Mitjáns
United Kingdon, 2015, Documentary, 40 minutes

MONDAY, May 02 | 16.45

‘Limpiadores’ captures the daily life and struggles of the invisible migrant workers that make sure offices and classrooms are clean and tidy before professors and students arrive for their morning classes at some of London’s most prestigious universities.


Filmmakers: Caye Casas and Alberto Pintó
Spain, 2014, Fiction, 15 minutes

MONDAY, May 02 | 19.00

Carlos has been years unemployed, he is desperate after failing every job interview he presents for. One day Carlos sees an ad for a company called NOTHING Co., they are looking for a candidate who wants to get paid for nothing. Carlos gets the job, but that day will change his life.


Filmmaker: Rita Bakacs
Germany, 2015, Documentary, 29 minutes

MONDAY, May 02 | 19.20

“Tagelöhner Syndrom” (“Work for one day”) observes the daily routine at an official daylabourers’ office in Berlin Neukölln. Every morning at half past four, federal employment agent Schröder shows up with a jug of coffee in the window between his office and the waiting room. That is when the waiting and hoping for the modern daylabourers begins. A magnifying lens of modern day working society, in a documentary chamber play.


Filmmaker: Fernando Gonzáles Gómez
Spain, 2014, Fiction, 8 minutes

MONDAY, May 02 | 19.55

When everything is lost, raise is the only hope.


Filmmaker: Bruno Laet
Brazil, 2015, Fiction, 16 minutes

MONDAY, May 02 | 20.05

Wladimir is born, son of Valdemar, a modest gravedigger. The father transmits to his son the strange craft, a family tradition, of digging his own grave that will serve as tombstone. Fulfilling this spiritual value, the time is spent between father and son.


Filmmakers: Carlos Salazar and Carlos Ferreira
Brazil, 2015, Documentary, 97 minutes

Tuesday, May 03 | 16.00

Oil workers’ strike of 1995 marks the history of Brazil and the fighting against Neoliberal project. The film celebrates the strike’s 20th anniversary and pays tribute to workers through their point of view, which tells their conditions of life, work and politics in the daily life of the factory.


Filmmaker: Matthew Hayes
Canada, 2015, Documentary, 3 minutes

Tuesday, May 03 | 19.00

In the 1960s women workers at a factory in Peterborough, ON went on strike. In the middle of winter. This is the story of the Tilco strikers, and their effort to fight against a tyrannical employer.


Filmmaker: Virgínia Pinho
Brazil, 2015, Documentary, 5 minutes

Tuesday, May 03 | 19.05

A video inspired by the Harun Farocki’s project “Labour in a single shot”.


Filmmakers: Cristina Piernas and Victoria Ruiz
Spain, 2015, Fiction, 9 minutes

Tuesday, May 03 | 19.15

In a world dominated by women, Bernardo will have to get through a singular interview to access to the secretary’s position that he wishes.


Filmmaker: Júlia Dias Escobar Brussi
Brazil, 2015, Documentary, 9 minutes

Tuesday, May 03 | 19.30

The documentary results from videos collected during a fieldwork among women lacemakers in the State of Ceará, Brazil. It shows the world of the bobbin lace and the daily life of workers through their actions, body postures and gestures involved in the art of tinkling bobbins.


Filmmaker: Nic Nilson
Brazil, 2014, Fiction, 90 minutes

Wednesday, May 04 | 16.00

Three friends together with the Shell’s workers and with the help of civil organizations, are fighting for 12 years against everything and everyone to get a win for everyone. Based on the true story of environmental pollution and the death of over 70 people and contamination of hundreds of former workers caused by Shell. The story of unbridled greed of companies who think only in profit regardless of the value of human life. The company is not God. People are not disposable. The profit is not above live!


Filmmaker: Verena Westphal
Germany, 2015, Animation, 4 minutes

Wednesday, May 04 | 19.00

sry bsy – no time for nothing. Not even for spelling in full the words “sorry” and “busy”… This digital 2D animation is about obsessions, compulsions and the pressure of keeping up with the challenges of modern working life. By combining a dark sense of humor with absurd elements, sry bsy is amusing and disturbing at the same time.


Filmmaker: Adriano Cirulli
United Kingdon/Italy, 2015, Fiction, 21 minutes

Wednesday, May 04 | 19.10

Who needs a home and family when you’ve got four wheels? A man leads an organized life. He jogs each morning, works in the office nine to five, picks up the laundry once a week. True, he lives in his car, and he hasn’t seen his wife and daughter for a while. But don’t we all need a little break from the world every so often? Part character study, part road movie, ‘Respite’ is the atmospheric story of a modern-

day hermit.


Filmmaker: Lilli Schwabe
Austria, 2016, Fiction, 34 minutes

Wednesday, May 04 | 19.35

Clara, an aspiring gynaecologist, is enthusiastically supporting her patients, no matter if they are bringing a child into the world or are making the decision to have an abortion. At the same time, she is attempting to be a good wife and loving mother to her two little children. However, with the increasing pressures of daily life, her self imposed belief systems are beginning to falter, her duties in the clinic suddenly seem insurmountable and her family life is slipping away.


Filmmaker: Russ Senzatimore
United States of America, 2015, Fiction, 17 minutes

Wednesday, May 04 | 20.15

“PASTOR PAUL“ tells the story of a small-town minister forced to choose between a newfound atheism and maintaining his job. No longer able to contain his feelings of disbelief, Paul lights out of church one morning before service, leaving the parishioners, church elders, and his family with many questions. Hours pass, and members of the church struggle with how to handle their absent leader. Upon his return, Paul is told he has a few weeks to wrap up his affairs and make room for the next pastor. His wife, Greta, reminds Paul of his commitment to family, compelling him to break the news to their son, who is studying in seminary. Facing these truths, Paul decides to stay on with the congregation, his spiritual feelings unchanged.


Filmmaker: Maxime Bultot
Belgium/China, 2014, Documentary, 15 minutes

Thursday, May 05 | 16.00

Wenfang came from the Chinese country to Beijing to be an actress. But as for many migrants that came to the city, she now lives in a 4 square meters room located two floors underground, waiting for her dream to come true.


Filmmaker: Tianlin Xu
Germany/China, 2015, Documentary, 79 minutes

Thursday, May 05 | 16.20

Two orphaned teenage brothers leave their remote mountain village behind to seek their fortune in two separate major cities. Meanwhile, their young neighbors anxiously await the return of their father, a migrant worker who left the village a year ago. This is the story of four boys from the Chinese countryside, their hopes and dreams, and the challenges they face.


Filmmaker: José Meneleu Neto
Brazil, 2009, Documentary, 5 minutes

Thursday, May 05 | 19.00

George Rocha is a metalworker. His life is intertwined with other anonymous workers who built the cities. His speciality: iron railings. The city seems hard like the iron he molds, but another being and another city arise when he incarnates “Bobby Tal”. Occupying the streets of the old suburb with his partners, he recreates through his unsuspected art a magic world. George is Bobby Tal, the master of the popular chess!


Filmmaker: Philipp Majer
Germany, 2015, Documentary, 45 minutes

Thursday, May 05 | 19.10

In 1970, Kosovar Albanian Ismajl »Smajl« Hoxhaj only came to Germany to buy a tape recorder. But it is only now — more than 40 years later — that he left Germany to go back to Kosovo as a pensioner. In the meantime, he has bought many tape recorders, started a family and, as a political activist, fought passionately for the independence of Kosovo far from his actual home. The documentary tells the story of Smajl. A story of homesickness and home, of conflicts with his children and the dream of a patriot. It is the story of a migrant worker in Germany.


Filmmaker: Marcelo Reis
Brazil, 2015, Documentary, 97 minutes

Friday, May 06 | 16.00

The street of the Latin metropolis is glutted with cars. With the justification that the public transportation is bad or by the clear isolation option, people accommodate one by one inside their own car. Outside, several urban characters appropriate the light, a purely mechanical device to control traffic and make it a meeting place.


Filmmaker: Eduardo Di Deus
Brazil, 2015, Documentary, 12 minutes

Friday, May 06 | 19.00

The State of São Paulo produces more than half of natural rubber in Brazil nowadays. Rubber tapping is a crucial activity in a rubber plantation. It is the direct contact of workers with hundreds of trees every day. Tapping is an immersion in the practice of different rubber tappers. An invitation to experience a possible path into the routine of these workers.


Filmmaker: Alonso O’Donnell
Spain, 2016, Documentary, 15 minutes

Friday, May 06 | 19.15

An ancient fishing known as Almadraba Red tuna. 600 fishermen. The great Red tuna crosses the Atlantic to spawn in the Mediterranean. For 21 days we followed the coastal fishermen of Conil, Barbate and Zahara, learning with them what this ancient fishing. Every year, many families in these coastal areas of the Iberian peninsula are dependent on experience, wisdom and effort of these workers.


Filmmakers: Isaac Donato and Marília Cunha
Brazil, 2015, Documentary, 14 minutes

Friday, May 06 | 19.35

At low tide, feet in the mangrove swamp. At high tide, samba in the foot. The documentary “Coroas” (Samba of Island) portrays the daily life of shellfish collectors and the elderly fishermen. The film reveals the oral traditions of popular culture, through the “Voa Voa Maria” samba group of Island of Vera Cruz, Bahia, Brazil.


Filmmaker: Silke Meya
Germany/Bulgaria, 2015, Documentary, 20 minutes

Friday, May 06 | 19.55

The 70 year old “Djado Ivan” lives in Grivitsa, a small Bulgarian town close to the Romanian border. In close communion with nature and his many animals, he spends his life on his small farm and thereby maintains his very own rhythm of life. In order to portray his life, Silke Meya (Director) and Laura Mentgen (Director of Photography) spent one month with Ivan in Bulgaria where they were able to capture his philosophy of life.


Filmmaker: Nikola Chesnais
France/Brazil, 2007, Documentary, 52 minutes

MONDAY, May 23 | 18.10

In Brasil, in the State of Pará, a mobile group Unit of the Federal Department of Labour enters at once, under police protection, in a fazenda suspected of exploiting slave labour to deforest for cattle raising.


Filmmaker: Susana Nobre
Portugal, 2014, Documentary, 92 minutes

Tuesday, May 24 | 17.00

New Opportunities were a Portuguese education program with a focus on the academic certification of adults who left school early. Applicants will improve their academic degree from the re-elaboration and re-interpretation of his “life experience.” These processes motivated workers to reflect on their working conditions, their training, their roots, producing a plurality of views about the school, emigration, the rural world and the universe of employment. Having its protagonists stories as a starting point, the film approaches into a reflection about work in the contemporary world. This film was produced over four years work by the film director in a New Opportunities Centre.


Filmmaker: Francisco Eduardo Alves Crispim
Brazil, 2015, Documentary, 13 minutes

Wednesday, May 25 | 17.00

The fair still as an important cultural tradition of the Brazilian Northeast Region, however it is losing its space and strength due to the growth of cities. In the State of Piauí, people talk about this reality, the customs, and the passion and struggle in order to avoid the end of this tradition.


Filmmaker: Pedro Stoeckli Pires
Brazil, 2015, Documentary, 10 minutes

Wednesday, May 25 | 17.15

A short film produced from original ethnographic research that addresses the activity of the vaqueiro (cowboy) in his work with the water buffalo in an Amazonian lowland region. It focuses on the practices of cowboys in the Buffalo culture in the river Araguari, State of Amapá (Brazil), where livestock is widespread.


Filmmaker: Philip Hallay
Germany/Mongolia, 2016, Documentary, 51 minutes

Wednesday, May 25 | 17.30

Begzuren lives in the ger district of Ulan Bator, Mongolia. Due to a lack of space, survival is very difficult. Still tourists from all over the world come into his modest ger to exchange life experiences.
Dalai’s lives in Bayangol Sum, a two hours drive from Ulan Bator. Instead of living in a chaotic metropolis, he enjoys the vastness of the veldt. His son, destined to inherit his father’s nomadic tradition, is secretly dreaming of Ulan Bator.



Espaço Cultural Casa do Lago

UNICAMP – University of Campinas
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Barão Geraldo, Campinas-SP

website: http://www.preac.unicamp.br/casadolago


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UNESP – São Paulo State University
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The 2016 BILFF’s Official Selection

The BILFF / Mostra CineTrabalho is proud to announce the Official Selection of the 2016 Festival’s Edition to be held in May, in Campinas and Marília. The 2016 BILFF will present 30 films (shorts and features) representing 14 countries.

The films selected for 2016 BILFF / Mostra CineTrabalho are:

APOCALYPSE’S STRIKE, Filmmakers: Carlos Salazar and Carlos Ferreira. Brazil, 2015, Documentary, 97 minutes.
ELECTRICIAN STUNT, Filmmakers: Benedito Maia and Carlos Machado. Brazil, 2015, Documentary, 21 minutes.
BOBBIN LACING, Filmmaker: Júlia Dias Escobar Brussi. Brazil, 2015, Documentary, 9 minutes.
ATOTÔ, Filmmaker: Bruno Laet. Brazil, 2015, Fiction, 16 minutes.
BOBBY TAL, Filmmaker: José Meneleu Neto. Brazil, 2009, Documentary, 5 minutes.
BRUTE LASSOS, Filmmaker: Pedro Stoeckli Pires. Brazil, 2015, Documentary, 10 minutes.
COMING AND GOING, Filmmaker: Tianlin Xu. Germany/China, 2015, Documentary, 79 minutes.
DJADO IVAN, Filmmaker: Silke Meya. Germany/Bulgaria, 2015, Documentary, 20 minutes.
GREEDINESS, Filmmaker: Nic Nilson. Brazil, 2014, Fiction, 90 minutes.
IT IS ENDING!, Filmmaker: Francisco Eduardo Alves Crispim. Brazil, 2015, Documentary, 13 minutes.
LIMPIADORES, Filmmaker: Fernando Gonzáles Mitjáns. United Kingdon, 2015, Documentary, 40 minutes.
NOTHING CO, Filmmakers: Caye Casas and Alberto Pintó. Spain, 2014, Fiction, 15 minutes.
ON RED, Filmmaker: Marcelo Reis. Brazil, 2015, Documentary, 97 minutes.
PASTOR PAUL, Filmmaker: Russ Senzatimore. United States of America, 2015, Fiction, 17 minutes.
RED TUNA WINDS, Filmmaker: Alonso O’Donnell. Spain, 2016, Documentary, 15 minutes.
RESPITE, Filmmaker: Adriano Cirulli. United Kingdon/Italy, 2015, Fiction, 21 minutes.
SAMBA OF ISLAND, Filmmakers: Isaac Donato and Marília Cunha. Brazil, 2015, Documentary, 14 minutes.
SLAVE LABOUR, Filmmaker: Nikola Chesnais. France/Brazil, 2007, Documentary, 52 minutes.
SMAJL, Filmmaker: Philipp Majer. Germany, 2015, Documentary, 45 minutes.
SRY BSY, Filmmaker: Verena Westphal. Germany, 2015, Animation, 4 minutes.
TAGELÖHNER SYNDROM – WORK FOR ONE DAY, Filmmaker: Rita Bakacs. Germany, 2015, Documentary, 29 minutes.
TAPPING, Filmmaker: Eduardo Di Deus. Brazil, 2015, Documentary, 12 minutes.
THE WORKING DEAD, Filmmaker: Fernando Gonzáles Gómez. Spain, 2014, Fiction, 8 minutes.
TILCO STRIKER, Filmmaker: Matthew Hayes. Canada, 2015, Documentary, 3 minutes.
UNDERGROUND, Filmmaker: Maxime Bultot. Belgium/China, 2014, Documentary, 15 minutes.
UNDER PRESSURE, Filmmaker: Lilli Schwabe. Austria, 2016, Fiction, 34 minutes.
WEDDED OR BACHELOR?, Filmmakers: Cristina Piernas and Victoria Ruiz. Spain, 2015, Fiction, 9 minutes.
WHERE THE GRASS GROWS HIGHEST, Filmmaker: Philip Hallay. Germany/Mongolia, 2016, Documentary, 51 minutes.
WORKERS LEAVING THE CIONE FACTORY, Filmmaker: Virgínia Pinho. Brazil, 2015, Documentary, 5 minutes.

Invited film (and out-of-competition):

ACTIVE LIFE, Filmmaker: Susana Nobre. Portugal, 2014, Documentary, 92 minutes.